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®      True full service – our clients can simply trade and WO will take care of everything else.  This allows clients to be completely “hands off” from an operational perspective and focus on their core expertise of funds management.

®      Alternatively, our clients may have a number of administrative staff and choose to perform some functions internally.  WO is flexible in regard to the services provided and where the boundaries of responsibility lie between WO and the client. 

®      Industry reputation and client base – within the boutique funds management industry WO have a strong reputation as a premium service provider. This has enabled WO to attract a range of very successful boutique managers who have grown to become significant clients.  Our ongoing review of systems and processes has enabled us to grow with these clients and continue to meet their changing needs. WO’s client base demonstrates established expertise in dealing with investment managers who operate trusts as well as multiple mandates.

®      As a result of our experience with start-up boutique fund managers, we are able to provide a great deal of advice, support and contacts to new clients starting up.

®      Senior management are actively involved across operational, client relationship and marketing activities, and are therefore very aware of what is going on with clients, the business and the industry as a whole, playing an active role in the success of WO and our clients.  Those involved with marketing and tendering for new clients are fully aware of operational processes and practices.  WO does not market services which cannot be performed.

®      WO’s flat hierarchy, proactive management and inclusive approach ensures that there is no bureaucracy when dealing with our company. Decisions are made efficiently and change effected quickly.  Ownership is taken of client matters with the goal to provide resolution that exceeds client expectations.

®      Quality team members. Each staff member receives rigorous one on one training upon induction and quickly take responsibility for a broad range of functions involved in servicing clients eg accounting staff are responsible for calculating the unit price, answering client queries, overseeing their fund’s registry work and invoicing their own clients. It means that our staff is aware of how an early function impacts on the overall process of calculating a unit price and has created a culture of hard work and ownership from which our clients benefit. This is very different to larger organisations whose staff may have responsibility for a single function in a ten step process.

®      Independence - as a 3rd party, WO provides your investors with an additional level of confidence in the credibility of the calculations we perform on your behalf.



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