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Setting up new funds

As a result of our experience with a broad range of established and start up fund managers we are able to provide a great deal of advice, support and contacts to new managers, including detailed review and feedback of offer documents and management and performance fee wording. We can assist with providing useful contacts for legal, tax, audit and compliance services.


Investment Administration

Full Middle and Back office service offering including services such as daily automated global trade matching and processing of trades executed by our clients, liaison with brokers, fund managers and custodians and reconciliation of portfolio records to custodian records.


Global Custody

Through our global sub custodian partner we can offer custody in over 90 countries, covering asset registration and safekeeping, trade settlement services, income collection and tax reclaim and more.


Unit Pricing and Fund Accounting

Calculation of daily, weekly, monthly unit prices for a range of funds across various asset classes including multi-class, multi-series funds and equalisation method pricing. We also offer Cayman Fund administration including net asset value and unit price calculations and share transfer services.


Unit Registry

We provide range of registry services in relation to wholesale and retail unit trusts including processing of applications (including KYC checks and FATCA due diligence), redemptions, transfers, provision of unit holder reporting and data extracts to clients, preparation of distribution, tax and annual statements. Unit holders, advisers and fund managers can access registry record via our online service.




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